European Driver Guided Tours

Continental European Tours

What about a SELECT SOJOURNING SOLUTION in continental Europe?

Select Sojourning Solutions also host driver/guided tours in continental Europe. Your host has worked and travelled there extensively, visiting almost every European capital and many other locations besides. The possibilities are endless. Just three are described below.

In northern France, as well Paris, there is the nearby palace of Versailles, with other such compelling sights as the Normandy landing beaches, Monet’s Garden, Reims and Champagne country, all in northern France (and easily accessible from the UK).

Central Europe is well worth a visit. As well as Prague and Budapest, less known but equally fascinating places include medieval Cesky Krumlov in Czech Bohemia and the beautiful city of Krakow plus the nearby sobering sight of Auschwitz.

In the Baltics, Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius, the vibrant capitals of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, whilst being close together, are different, distinctive and inspiring cities, each with their own, unique character.

As with customized tours of the UK and Ireland, there are plenty of suggestions to help you make your choices. Past itineraries are available to provide inspiration, with help in devising your own personalised itinerary for a Select Sojourning Solution.

Countries in mainland Europe that John visits regularly include:

Belgium Slovenia Italy Netherlands
Germany Estonia Czech Republic Switzerland
Spain France Croatia Hungary
Poland Austria Lithuania Denmark

Meeting up for a continental European tour

Your host could meet you in the UK for the first stage, then accompanying you to the continent by rail using the Channel tunnel or by ferry (a 20 mile crossing) or by budget flight. Another option is for John to meet you there for a continental only based tour.

As in the UK, a suitable vehicle will be provided. With no 55mph speed limits and an excellent road work across Europe, a lot of ground can be covered quickly. Within the European Union, there aren’t even border controls to slow things up.

Just as for UK and Ireland tours, Select Sojourning Solutions are customized to meet your particular requirements.