About Select Sojourning Tours

These UK & European tours are organised and led by John Greenwood, an experienced, expert guide who will plan your itinerary and then accompany and guide you throughout your trip.

All tours are custom made to your requirements and will allow you to absorb the innumerable, fascinating places and cultural experiences that the British Isles and Europe have to offer. An exclusively made travel programme just for you.

UK Tours

Britain and Ireland have so much to see and do, with unforgettable memories all ready and waiting to be made by you. In a small private group, your tour will move at a pace that suits you.

Over the centuries, these islands have had profound influences on the history of the world. The evidence is still here today. The variety of heritage and beauty of the landscapes are amazing.

You can explore these lands freely, setting your own agenda (unconstrained by inflexible, group package tour schedules). You decide just what you want to see and do, where and when.

A select, personalised, expert driver/guided private tour provides the most rewarding travel experience possible. A bespoke, tailored solution reflecting your interests is found and delivered.

European Tours

A Select Sojourning Solution can be a guided tour of one or several countries in continental (mainland) Europe).

Both UK and continental European tours can also be added to a European cruise before or after taking to the seas.

In a nutshell

Whatever your interests and pursuits are, a personalised itinerary arranged through John Greenwood’s Select Sojourning Solutions offers a proven, successful formula. Whether you have one particular interest or many, you can create your own unique, bespoke programme, with you seeing and doing just what you want to, both effortlessly and pleasurably.

Where to next?

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UK Driver Guided Tours

Customized UK Tours

What would be a SELECT SOJOURNING SOLUTION in the UK & Ireland?

England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland have an astounding variety and richness of landscape, heritage and culture. From rugged Welsh Snowdonia, England’s gently rolling Cotswolds and their thatched villages, the majestic Scottish Highlands lochs and glens to the Emerald Isle’s loughs and bays, what vistas to behold!

Inhabited for thousands of years, by the Ancient Britons, then the Celts, Romans, Anglo Saxons, Vikings and Normans, each has left their mark giving us a rich culture.

Areas of outstanding natural beauty, ancient monuments like Stonehenge, historic buildings (roman villas, palaces, castles, cathedrals, country houses (and gardens), imposing Victorian buildings, birthplaces of the industrial revolution (working water mills, steam railways, canals, potteries etc) etc; the possibilities are endless, the choice is yours!

There are great contrasting cities such as Georgian Bath, the dreaming spires of Oxford, the Scottish capital, Edinburgh dominated by its castle, Dublin on the banks of the River Liffey, to name but a few.


Then there is London. The saying goes ’tired of London tired of life’. You may have already been to London or happy to see it ‘under your own steam’. If so, London might be your starting and/ or finishing point for your tour with me. Alternatively, you may wish to incorporate London into the customized tour itinerary. I would be happy to show you the sights with ample opportunity for shows and shopping.


A sojourn is also about being entertained. There are plays and shows in London and other cities with live music (classical, rock and folk) et cetera as well as ballet and opera for aficionados. The Royal Shakespeare Company performs at Stratford on Avon throughout the year. The Edinburgh Tattoo takes place in August as does the Edinburgh Festival. In summer there are also outdoor dramatic productions, often in the grounds of stately homes and other captivating locations.


For those who watch the English Premier League, I can also arrange tours which take you to see your favourite team play such as Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool. You could have a stadium tour of Old Trafford, Stamford Bridge or Anfield.

For more on EPL soccer, see my bespoke soccer tours page

You can also see sports such as soccer, rugby, Gaelic football (akin to gridiron), cricket (akin to baseball) and hurling (akin to hockey) if you wish.

When is the best time of year to visit the UK or Ireland?

The British Isles have a temperate climate which means no extremes of heat, cold and humidity so you can visit any time of year. Rain is a possibility but usually just in the form of showers so an umbrella and or waterproof will often suffice

European Driver Guided Tours

Continental European Tours

What about a SELECT SOJOURNING SOLUTION in continental Europe?

Select Sojourning Solutions also host driver/guided tours in continental Europe. Your host has worked and travelled there extensively, visiting almost every European capital and many other locations besides. The possibilities are endless. Just three are described below.

In northern France, as well Paris, there is the nearby palace of Versailles, with other such compelling sights as the Normandy landing beaches, Monet’s Garden, Reims and Champagne country, all in northern France (and easily accessible from the UK).

Central Europe is well worth a visit. As well as Prague and Budapest, less known but equally fascinating places include medieval Cesky Krumlov in Czech Bohemia and the beautiful city of Krakow plus the nearby sobering sight of Auschwitz.

In the Baltics, Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius, the vibrant capitals of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, whilst being close together, are different, distinctive and inspiring cities, each with their own, unique character.

As with customized tours of the UK and Ireland, there are plenty of suggestions to help you make your choices. Past itineraries are available to provide inspiration, with help in devising your own personalised itinerary for a Select Sojourning Solution.

Countries in mainland Europe that John visits regularly include:

Belgium Slovenia Italy Netherlands
Germany Estonia Czech Republic Switzerland
Spain France Croatia Hungary
Poland Austria Lithuania Denmark

Meeting up for a continental European tour

Your host could meet you in the UK for the first stage, then accompanying you to the continent by rail using the Channel tunnel or by ferry (a 20 mile crossing) or by budget flight. Another option is for John to meet you there for a continental only based tour.

As in the UK, a suitable vehicle will be provided. With no 55mph speed limits and an excellent road work across Europe, a lot of ground can be covered quickly. Within the European Union, there aren’t even border controls to slow things up.

Just as for UK and Ireland tours, Select Sojourning Solutions are customized to meet your particular requirements.


You may want to know something about me. Foremost, I’ve a passion for travel, history and heritage. With the benefit of hindsight, my providing driver/guided tours seems predestined! There’s a family history of venturing ‘far afield’ to different places both at home and abroad.

I was born in Rochdale near Manchester, a Lancashire mill town in NW England built on cotton in Victorian times, imported from the US and textile and other machinery exported to the world. It sits in a river valley surrounded by beautiful moorland, nestling in the Pennines, the ‘backbone’ of England. I cherished my roots but always wanted to know what lay beyond ‘them there hills’.

My Great Uncle Cobden, a Welsh mining engineer emigrated to New Mexico in the late 1800s. He recounted the history and culture of the local native Americans, tales of which I listened to with awe as he reminisced back when I visited him back in Wales in the 1960s when he was in 90s!

Uncle Derek, an RAF pilot in WWII, sailed to S Africa, avoided prowling U boats, flew Spitfires in N Africa and Italy and was posted to France just after D day. He went into a US Army hospital with recurring malaria, then on to Northern Ireland training new pilots before ending the war in the far east.

These adventures made me hungry to see the wider world. My own travelling started early. Dad had a motorbike and sidecar. I faced backwards in the rear seat journeying across Britain on holiday! We’d visit castles, stately homes, gardens, cathedrals etc. This rubbed off on me.

Dad then swapped the bike for a car, a Jowett Javelin, a limousine to rival Jaguar (including the polished walnut fascia). We’d join fellow owner enthusiasts in the Yorkshire Dales for rallies. I navigated, finding the quickest route and answers to cryptic clues at map reference points. We were quite a team and often won!

My appetite for travel was further wetted by staying with families in twin towns in France and Germany, then an educational Mediterranean cruise and continental holidays. At 18, like Dick Whittington (who actually existed) I went to London. I studied at university but took every opportunity to visit the capital’s many sights.

On graduation, a coast to coast road trip across the US followed. I’ve since been back several times and to Canada. Thereafter, my market research career took me round the entire UK, mixing business with sightseeing whenever possible, as I continue to do.

I lived in York for several years, a walled city since Roman and Viking times. I currently live near Nottingham (of Robin Hood fame). In my spare time, I’m in a ‘not for profit’ travel club, organising short breaks at home and abroad for members. I am also a member of the National Trust and English Heritage, custodians of the country’s historic monuments, buildings and places.

In the 90s, I had a succession of consultancy contracts in Central Europe, helping countries transform from Soviet to the European Union, working in cities like Prague, Budapest and Riga, putting the weekends to good use whilst there, seeing all the sights I could.

I enjoy performing arts, particularly theatre and live music, which I seek out whenever I have a free evening. England has many outdoor festivals and plays, often in beautiful country settings.

A family man, with four grown up children, at the turn of the millennium, I mused about my working future. After much thought, I realised my travel expertise and knowledge would be ideal for a customized driver/guided tour venture, appealing to North American visitors and those from else where.

Finding out peoples interests, planning an itinerary, accompanying and getting to know them is a wonderful vocation which I find tremendously fulfilling. Facilitating an unforgettable experience and sharing it is a privilege and a pleasure. There’s never a dull moment.

So, here’s my website offering you a hassle-free, richer travel experience than you would have thought possible. If you want to know more, I’d love to hear from you. To use an English expression you may know, why not have ‘more fun than you can shake a stick at’?!

John Greenwood

Arranging a Tour


Through email correspondence, your areas of interest will be established with plenty of suggestions to help you make your choices. Past itineraries are available to provide inspiration.

You’re consulted fully in the devising of your own customized itinerary. This sets out a timetable for everything you’ll see and do. Once finalised, John then takes care of all the booking arrangements.

Sufficient flexibility is built in to ‘tarry a while’ anywhere you choose and take advantage of more sightseeing ‘opportunities’ as they arise.

Quality B&B accommodation en route is prearranged in selected inns and guest houses, with a relaxing pub meal and a pint of beer or two in the evening.

A suitable car or van is provided with ample, comfortable seating and luggage space.

Meals are taken in good, interesting pubs, with a choice of excellent, local traditional ales. Pubs are open all day, each with a distinctive menu, so you can eat and drink conveniently and well.

Length of stay is up to you (5, 7, 10, 12 or more days). From John’s exhaustive knowledge of the British Isles, you get everywhere quickly and smoothly, driving through scenic vistas en route.

Each day, each of the places to be visited, together with its historical background, is described beforehand so you know what to expect when you get there.

On arrival, I’ll meet you and be your driver/guide throughout your stay. There are direct flights to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dublin, Birmingham and Manchester as well as the London airports.

How far ahead do I need to book?

A Select Sojourning Solution has been ‘turned round’ in as little as three weeks of the initial request! However, bookings are usually made further in advance. Book early to ensure availability.

How do I take it from here?

If you want to express interest in a Select Sojourning Solution and to get to know more, just contact John without obligation. He will then ‘pick up the ball and run with it’. Part of the fun will be the dialogue you will have as you exchange email correspondence.

Please email jdgreenwood24@hotmail.com